Stefan Trajkovski

Professional Lighting Design

About me

My name is Stefan Trajkovski and I am a professional lighting designer. My education background is Electrical Engineer with Msc Degree.
My work as a professional lighting designer starts by finishing the faculty and starting my work career. To day I can say that I have more than 10 years of experience in lighting design and finished more than 500 projects international. Past 5 years I am working in my lighting design studio based in Skopje, Macedonia for clients all around the world.

I am professional and using Dialux and Dialux EVO software for my projects on daily basis.
I can deliver complete photometric calculation for indoor, outdoor or sport fields projects and can make realistic 3D night renders.

My main goal is to work professionally and delivering the best lighting design project.

Please contact me if you need help or assistance regarding lighting projects.

LinkedIn profile: stefantrajkovski


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